The Best 9 Black-Owned Skincare Brands Your Skin Has Been WAITING For

Ahh, skincare. There’s nothing like that refreshing feeling of applying a cooling clay mask or seeing that glow come through as you exfoliate at those dead skin cells.

With skin serving as the human body’s largest organ and being essential in protecting the inner body from infectious outside elements, there’s no doubt it should be treated with the utmost care and maintenance.

In this list of Black-owned skincare product brands, these companies have incorporated only the most nourishing ingredients to benefit your skin and provide the luxurious self-care experience you deserve!

Herb’N Eden

At Herb’N Eden, self-sustainability is valued above all else, and with that comes the consistent practice of self-care. That’s why the company offers various bath and body products containing all-natural, botanical ingredients. Striving to help revitalize and maintain customers’ skin health, Herb’N Eden uses a holistic approach to heal people’s various skincare needs. Non-toxic and safe for all skin types, this skincare brand has your best interest at heart!

Jiri Naturals

Get ready for revamped and rejuvenated skin after using Jiri Naturals. Using skillfully selected raw ingredients, this company has concocted only the most promising products to heal and restore your skin.

The best part is that many of their skin care products can be used interchangeably between the skin AND hair. Can we say the best of both worlds? With products helping you achieve healthy skin and hair, Jiri Naturals has covered you from head to toe!

Minimo Skin Essentials

Founder & CEO Mary Ware launched Minimo Skin Essentials after wanting to achieve clear, healthy skin without the toxic ingredients many products are filled with on the market. Designed to take the minimalistic approach to skincare, you can finally attain that radiant skin you’ve always wanted with ease.

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Mocha Whip

Handcrafted with pure vegan ingredients and whipped to perfection – Mocha Whip delivers only the finest body creams and butter to moisturize your skin deeply.

Offered in some of the most delectable scents, each jar of Mocha Whip leaves you with noticeably smoother and softer skin after each use. After using these products, dry skin will be a distant memory.

Noire Beauté

Noire Beauté is an all-natural skincare brand with top-notch products that make your skin look and feel lush. Whether you choose their iconic Beauté Detox scrub or Supernova Facial Oil, you’ll be on your way to the company-acclaimed skin “with a glow that radiates deep from the inside out.”


Got dry, rough skin or those pesky little whiteheads? Thanks to Nolaskinsentials, this company will make your skincare worries a thing of the past. From an extensive range of products like facial serums to toners, finding products to target your skin concerns is a breeze. Don’t know where to start?

The company even offers free skin consultations to all “Nolababes” (as they sweetly call their customers) to formulate individualized skincare regimens.

Pienki Blieu Bath & Body

After using Pienki Blieu Bath & Body, you’ll be cleansed, moisturized, and glowing. This company specializes in high-quality products rich in vitamins to improve the health and feel of your skin. And may I say their scents are heaven-sent!

Whether you use their body butter to achieve that summertime glow or bath bombs to start your spa day, Pienki Blieu Bath & Body delivers in making your skincare maintenance luxurious.

Shea Shea Bakery

With Shea Shea Bakery’s vast line of creative skincare products, you can finally smell like your favorite desserts all day! Products like their handcrafted soap, body butter, bath whip, and more will leave your skin feeling smooth and lush, all while smelling like you just walked out of the bakery. Expect to smell like a vanilla cupcake at the end of your self-care session – or cotton candy, peach cobbler, or whatever your heart desires.

Silky Skin Custard

Dry skin, eczema, and everything in between can be drab. And for women who wish to remove their stretch marks, it can be a hassle to try multiple removal products only to see no improvement. With the creation of Silky Skin Custard, these concerns can finally be put at ease.

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This black-owned skincare custard helps to soothe and heal eczema, acne, and psoriasis, all while removing those stubborn scars. Meanwhile, the pregnancy custard has successfully removed old and growing stretch marks while reducing the itching on pregnant women’s bellies.

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