The Best Fashion Stores For Petite Women Dresses

Every petite frame lady knows that finding clothes that truly fit their body is easier said than done. Shopping at stores that have a petite section makes life easier — but what are the best petite clothing stores to shop at?

How tall do I have to be to fit into “petite” clothing?

It’s a bit difficult to figure out if you should wear a petite dress or a regular dress. The rule of thumb is that women who are under 5’3 can wear petite clothing, as it will more than likely fit them better than a normal, average-sized clothing piece will. Petite clothing has nothing to do with weight.

However, as all women know, every brand and clothing store is different — so every piece of clothing will fit you differently. Some women who wear petite clothing also manage to wear “regular” sized clothing from other stores.

Basically, if you’re under 5’3 and can’t seem to find clothes that fit you just right, it might be time to try out some petite items. 

Is it easier to shop at stores that may have a petite section, or focus only on stores that ONLY make petite sizes?

For this one, it really just depends where you live (or if you like shopping online). If you live in a city or town with a lot of different stores, you might have an easy time finding petite sections in town. Stores like Levi’s, Topshop, Old Navy, Lane Bryant, and Express have great petite sections.

Other stores that say they have petite sections sometimes only have a few items here and there relegated to this. So, it might be best to check out what you have locally and then buy from petite friendly brands online when needed. 

Are Petite Sizes Just Shorter?

While it may seem like petite sizes are just shorter to accurately fit those who have smaller length waists, this actually isn’t true. Petite sizes are specially made for those whose height is under 5’3 (as we mentioned above). This means that the whole clothing item designed is affected, like the arm lengths. 

The Best Stores For Petite Women

Below is our round-up of the best stores for petites. These stores are a mixture of online stores that specifically only make petite clothing, to well-known stores that have a petite section.

Petite Studio

By far, one of the best online petite clothing stores is Petite Studio. While they have one location open to shop in (located in New York City), the rest of the petite ladies are going to have to order online.

However, the website is easy to use, and the clothing (while higher-priced than some other stores on this list) are high-quality and oh so lovely.

A bit about Petite Studio:



Topshop has a bunch of clothes in a bunch of different sizes — petite, regular, and tall. However, Topshop also has always had a huge selection of petite sizes available at all times, which makes it a lot different than other regular stores that tout their petite section.

This store also may be the best place to get cute dresses for petite ladies (both casual and party style). 

A bit about Topshop:



Another British fashion brand that has made the waves in America, ASOS is a bit different than the other stores on this list because of the sheer magnitude of clothing items they have.

While stores like Topshop and Petite Studio tend to only sell their own clothing (with a few exceptions), ASOS is a huge marketplace with many different brands (from Missguided to their own ASOS brand) — and a ton of petite-sized clothing! 

A bit about ASOS:



Anthropologie truly is one of the best stores for short ladies. They have their own petite section that is always well stocked — and always with new content for the upcoming season.

Specifically, Anthropologie has great jeans, sweaters, and dresses (for your next wedding event or fancy party) in petite sizes.

A bit about Anthropologie:


Lane Bryant

Lane Bryant is known for being a plus-sized clothing store. Most people don’t realize that it also is a wonderful store with a great selection of petite-sized clothing. Plus, they always have a ton of new products, making it a good store for petites.

A bit about Lane Bryant:



Another store that sells regular-sized and tall-sized clothing, Express is also a great place for petite women to shop. They have their own petite section that is always well stocked and fresh with new material.

Express is definitely the best place to shop for work clothes and well-tailored outfits.

A bit about Express:


Ann Taylor

If you’re looking for classier outfits that you can wear to work, Ann Taylor is your best bet (behind Express).

While Express tends to be targeted at younger women, Ann Taylor is targeted at women a bit older who want to wear something classy. With their petite-sized range, you definitely have a lot to choose from.

A bit about Ann Taylor:


Old Navy

For those looking for easy, classic, casual wear, Old Navy is a great place for petite women to shop. Not many know that they have a stellar petite section — but they do. In fact, because of their amount of petite products, they are definitely one of the best stores for petite ladies to shop.

A bit about Old Navy:



A trendy brand that many young women love, Reformation launched a whole campaign to announce that they were going to offer petite-sized clothing.

The campaign was a success, as was their integration of petite sizes. Many women love the brand because of the overall style and aesthetic of their pieces, so this is definitely one spot to check out if you’ve never heard of them.

A bit about Reformation:



Finally, our last favorite petite store is J.Crew. Another brand that has a slew of classic, timeless pieces that would be great for work or casual wear, J.Crew’s petite fashion section is always full of a lovely range of sizes and products.

The brand is in the same vein as Express and Ann Taylor, though they do tend to shine above the two in their petite section!

A bit about J.Crew:


The Best Stores for Petite Ladies

It’s difficult to shop if you’re looking for stores that carry petite sizes. However, now that you have this handy little list, you know the best stores to go to for petite clothing! This goes for dresses, jeans, or even your new favorite pair of yoga gear, these stores have petite women covered.

From stores like Petite Studio that only have petite sizes, to marketplaces like ASOS and Anthropologie that have many different selections, you’re sure to find your next favorite clothing item! 

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